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Bye, 2021

Postcard artwork for Tate Anzur's clients, partners and friends.

Commissioned by Singaporean integrated communications agency, Tate Anzur,

to design a postcard for its clients as a Christmas gift.

My illustration came in the form of a multiple panels, like a comic. Semi-inspired by real life events, it follows an employee through his final day of work before flying off for a long-awaited (and well-deserved) trip overseas. At that time, due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, global travel had only begun to resume albeit in a careful and controlled manner.  I had decided to book a trip to New York City on a whim, a decision that turned quite a few heads. Despite the obvious health risks at that time, my holiday was very much a welcomed getaway to break the monotony of life then, health risks be damned.

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