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Dare to Share

A communications campaign aimed at 14- to 17-year-old male adolescents, encouraging openness among them to seek professional help for issues related to mental health.

Skills: Branding, Creative Direction, Strategy, Illustration, Copywriting

Dare to Share was crafted as part of an undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP) for the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), Nanyang Technological University. The campaign ran for approximately four months (December 2020 to April 2021) and was fully digital, with Instagram as our main platform. The campaign name, Dare to Share, served as a call-to-action that is easy to recall, as well as a way to acknowledge the importance of voicing out when dealing with issues related to mental health. 

Across the board, the campaign was a success. It earned an estimated $114,000+ in PR value, an estimated combined reach of 245,004 across all social media platforms and 9,625 total social media engagements. The campaign's mental health 'E-Kit'––a digital publication that consolidates useful mental health resources for our target audience––is currently in circulation. It has been mentioned in articles by media outlets like The Straits Times’ Little Red Dot, and is also hosted on the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)'s blog. You may download and view the 'E-Kit' here.

Dare to Share’s significance stems from it being the first mental health campaign to specifically target male adolescents in Singapore, an at-risk group that has often been left out of the mental health conversation. 

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