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SCB Logo Mockup.png

Seng Coffee Bar

Brand Identity

Nestled within a row of shophouses alongside Changi Road, Seng Coffee Bar (SCB) is a Singaporean café that serves up quintessential brunch items with a modern flair, notably through the usage of fresh ingredients and an impeccable presentation. The café space is warm and welcoming, seeking to provide a refuge for families and friends to gather for great food and coffee. The reassuring warmth of familiarity and community at SCB is both apparent and inherent, as the business is run by a father-daughter duo that also owns the neighbouring Gu Zao Ren Seafood Taiwan Porridge.

I was brought in to SCB a brand refresh, starting with its brand identity. The new logo, fashioned in the shape of a cup of coffee, as a way of representing the brand’s goal to serve great coffee to its patrons. The logo-mark is also made up of SCB’s acronym – the coffee cup creates the letter ‘S’, while the letters ‘C’ and ‘B’ can be spotted in the latte art within the cup. SCB’s text-mark makes use of a cursive handwritten font for the word ‘Seng’ – a sincere and earnest look that that reflects the brand’s origins as a humble family business. The Adobe sans-serif font Brother 1816 was used for the other characters, providing a cohesive contrast with the handwritten text.

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