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Seng House Logo Mockup.png

Seng House

Brand Identity

Seng House is a charming café located along Tanjong Katong Road – The Seng People's latest exciting venture that continues the family’s long-standing legacy of serving up homely dishes infused with familiar local tastes. 

Named after the founder's father as a way of paying homage to his jolly influence, the café’s vision is to incorporate traditional Hainanese flavours into modern Westernised café fare, crafting a novel and youthful concept with foods that are eclectic, compelling and sumptuous. I was commissioned to design Seng House's brand identity, along with all its associated stationery.

With family and kinship as central themes in the café's story, the brand logo features the eponymous Seng as a character in his younger days, evoking playful nostalgia. The brand's colour palette includes warm tones of green and orange are also used synergistically throughout Seng House's interior space, creating a classy and chic feel.

Seng's character is also featured in various fun illustrations that I created for the brand's fixtures––patrons can find them on the menus, cold brew bottle labels, staff T-shirts, coasters and so on––that accentuate the identity's playfulness.

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