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Vedett and Berliner Pilsner Promo Pack

A fun packaging design for two European beer brands.

Illustrated the winning artwork for the Vedett and Berliner Pilsner Promo Pack Design Competition held by House of Amber Nectar Pte Ltd in August 2020.

The brief was to create a fun design that would bring together two tasty beers - the distinct Berlin Pilsner that combines 'the best raw materials from nature [and] craftsmanship' and the smooth Belgian Vedett Extra White, a beer that combines its refreshing citrus aroma with touches of coriander. Another wrinkle from the brief was to create a design with Singaporean elements that locals can resonate with.

My design depicts the amalgamation of both beers. The mascots representing both brands are shown revelling in the joyous atmosphere, mingling with one another in a whimsical beer party of sorts. The main protagonists - Vedett's polar bear and Pilsner's red bear - are seen enjoying the beer of their compatriot. The foams created from the abundance of beer forms the silhouette of the beautiful Singaporean skyline, localising the playful scene. 

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